Stainless Steel Bracelet Custom Letters

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The weaving part uses dermis, it is to have qualitative feeling more.
The clasp part can be customized, unique wristband shape.
The connection part of the lock is magnetic, which is convenient for users to wear and take off.

Material: Stainless steel
Process: hand-woven
Category: Bracelet
Styling: letters / numbers / text
Health function: not easy to fade
Color: Magnetic Bracelet +1 Beads, Magnetic Bracelet + 2 Beads, Magnet Bracelet +3 Beads, Magnet Bracelet + 4 Beads, Magnet Bag Bracelet + 5 Beads, Magnet Brandles +6 Beads, Magnetic buckle bracelet +7 beads

Package Content:
1X bracelet