Bottle insulation bottle bottle heater

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Key points:
1. Wide range of uses: The package is comfortable and durable, and it is not easy to fall off. The product size is suitable for most bottles on the market.
2. Applicable object: It can be used for various heating materials, for water cups, mineral water bottles, milk covers, etc.
. 3. Safe voltage and current: 5V-2A safe voltage. Common in: cars, mobile power, charging heads.
4. Intelligent constant temperature design: accurate water temperature sensor, easy to use, economical failure.
5. Convenient design: Convenient and intelligent constant temperature design, easy to control water temperature. Moreover, the heating speed is fast and the use is convenient.

This is the insulation cover of the bottle, which is powered by USB charging, can maintain a constant temperature, good thermal insulation effect, and can also heat a glass of water, mineral water bottle, milk cover and so on.

1. Product characteristics (approx.): Applicable to 55-75 mm / 2.17-2.95in
2. Power supply 5: V~2A frequency 50H7
3. Power: 10 W
4. Product color: pink, blue
5. Product material: microfiber PU \ heating film USB cable power supply