Air Matte Mud Velvet Waterproof And Non-fading Heroine Lip Glaze

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Product information:

The new velvet matte matte lip mud, it will make your mouth look hazy and soft like cotton. Creamy texture, it will look like clay right after it is applied, and it will give you a high-level hazy matte feeling after fainting.

The soft focus matte makeup feeling can be used not only on your lips, but also on your face, bringing a natural girlish shyness to your face.

Net weight: 2.5g
Product size: 16.8mm*91.5mm


* Lip glaze texture
* Velvet pad
* Curved plush brush head, the color is more even
* Super waterproof
* Smooth and soft like silk
* Highly pigmented

How to use:
Dip a small amount of lip gloss and gently press with a curved plush brush to create a velvety matte effect. Do this several times to get richer colors.

Lipclay is a special texture. If there are lumps on the lips, you can use your fingers to faint gently to achieve a velvet haze effect.

Packing list:

Lip Glaze*1