Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
We at Business Coffee Group LLC have as one of our main values ​​the commitment to respect and preserve the privacy and protect the Personal Data of our Users.
That is why we have developed this Privacy Policy (“Policy”), so that you know how we handle your Personal Data. When providing personal information, browsing the site, the User will be aware of the rules of use, protection and security established herein.
It is very important that the user carefully read this Policy!
If after reading this Policy the user still has doubts, feel free to contact us through our Service Channels available on our website.
Access account: User identification account for access to services and products provided by Café Com Mulheres shop (Business Coffee Group LLC).
• Personal Data or Data: Data relating to an individual that may be identified or become identifiable.
• Platforms: Café Com Mulheres website.
• Policy: It is this Privacy Policy.
• Owner of Personal Data or User: It is the natural person to whom the Personal Data refer. In this case, it's you.
• Treatment: Any operation performed with Personal Data, such as those relating to the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, diffusion or extraction.
We take appropriate measures to protect your Personal Data, including the use of a secure server, information security tools, commitment to confidentiality and training of our employees, for example.
Personal Data is collected and stored in accordance with strict standards of confidentiality and security.
We are not responsible for security breaches of your device. It is also not our responsibility for failures arising from unavailability of the internet service, viruses, spyware etc.
We recommend that you protect yourself from unauthorized access to your Access Account and your device (computer, cell phone or tablet), as both are your responsibility.
It is also your responsibility to guard, secrecy and use the registered “user” and “password”, which are personal and non-transferable. Thus, it is important that the user never share their access data with other people, as any damage suffered as a result of this sharing will be their responsibility.
We recommend that the user:
• Change your passwords periodically, for example every 3 months
• Do not share your password or disclose personal data on websites that the user does not know.
• Always click the exit button when you are no longer browsing a site.
• Choose passwords with a minimum of eight characters. For a secure password mix uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols (#,@,*,&,%,_ or -).
• Do not create passwords using your name or special dates, such as birthdays.
• Credit card numbers must not be shared. In our sales support, the user will always be directed to typing through the phone.
• Ensure that the user is in a secure environment, such as our website identified by the acronym “https”.
• Keep your password in a safe place.
• Keep your data always up to date.
• We do not ask for a password, by phone or email.
• We do not request installation of programs of any kind, except our official app.
• We do not request personal data via WhatsApp.
Sending press releases and advertising messages
Café Com Mulher will be able to send communications and advertising messages daily to registered Users, making use of all types of technologies and means of communication available, whether by email, SMS, MMS, direct mail or others.
Press releases, newsletters, notices of offers and advertising messages will necessarily include the option of canceling the sending of that type of message by Café Com Mulheres.
Can children under 18 buy at Café Com Mulher?
Anyone under the age of 18 may only buy on the Café Com Mulheres platforms with the express consent of their legal representatives.
When browsing our website or using our application, the user may be led, via a link, to third-party portals or platforms, which may collect their personal data and have their own Privacy Policy.
It is up to the user to read the Privacy Policy of such portals or platforms outside our environment, and it is their responsibility to accept or reject it. We are not responsible for the Privacy Policies of third parties or the content of any websites and services other than our own.
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