About us



Cafe com Mulheres - Non-profit organization founded in 2019 in the city of Pompano Beach, Florida, USA by Jucara M. Fernandes, an immigrant in the USA since 2013. The Project was inspired by her personal challenges when in 2013 she arrived in the United States with her son small, she experienced the same difficulties as other immigrant women regarding language, currency, customs and work.

Our mission: To offer knowledge and experiences to women.

Our work with women - We have meetings every Tuesday - Face-to-face in the morning and ONLINE in the afternoon. We offer a delicious breakfast, lectures with doctors, psychologists, nutritionist, immigration lawyer and group therapies. We also offer English courses, painting, mentoring and networking events. Therapies in delicious breakfasts, lectures with doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, nutritionist for and in groups. English courses, painting and mentoring and networking events.

All our actions are free.

Over these years, we have provided knowledge, rescued the self-esteem of more than 2,000 women, many of them lonely, without depressive perspectives on the verge of suicide.

Currently, the Project is headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida and we have 4 more centers in Brazil - Niterói-RJ, Recreio dos Bandeirantes-RJ, Sorocaba - SP and Curitiba - PR, with a network of more than 3,000 women worldwide.


Café Com Mulheres was born in 2019 in the city of Pompano Beach, Florida - USA and was inspired by observation and the challenging experiences lived by many immigrants in the southern region of the state.